Uckermärker Milch GMBH


We are a medium-sized, private owned dairy plant located in the North East German Uckermark region. This part in Germany has a long tradition in agriculture.

As a production site, we play a central role for our Berlin-based parent company Ostmilch Handels GmbH Berlin.


We source our milk primarily from local farmers.

Milk has been processed in Prenzlau for over 100 years. With our dairy we are  continuing the tradition of our predecessors.

The “Milchhof”, as it is called by local people, is an integral part of Prenzlau.



The phrase “rooted in the region” means we understand where we come from. As well as supplying our domestic markets, we also seek opportunities on international markets. We count on our experienced workforce and our local farmers, aiming for long relationships.



Our Products

Milk Powder

Our two spray towers produce standard commercial products, but we also offer customerspecific solutions. Powdered milk is supplied in 25kg sacks, big bags or in bulk loads. With special attention we produce Kosher-certified milk powder (Chalav Yisrael). In addition, all our products are made in compliance with Halal requirements.


  • spray dried skimmed milk powder
  • spray dried whole milk powder
  • spray dried cream powder
  • buttermilk powder
  • plant-based dry products
  • taylor-made products

Our product range includes mildly acidified, sweet cream and sour cream butter. We can supply butter in 250g packs or 10kg/25kg blocks.


  • Quality German butter
  • Irish butter

We supply daily fresh buttermilk to food retailers.

  • Buttermilk 500g cups



We use traditional methods to produce fresh nature quark (curd cheese) with varying fat content.

  • Full fat quark (40% fat in dry matter)
  • Semi-skimmed quark (20% fat in dry matter)
  • Skimmed quark


A Time-Honoured Dairy Plant

Uckermärker Milch GmbH has a rich history lasting over a century.


The dairy cooperative was founded in Prenzlau’s historic centre in 1889.

VEB Uckermärkischer Milchhof

In 1962, Milchhof Prenzlau and other small cooperatives joined to create “VEB Uckermärkischer Milchhof”, producing butter, milk and local cheese.


Milk powder production started in 1970 when two spray towers were installed. Uckermärker Milch GmbH (UMP) was founded in 1992 and the production site was completely renewed and enlarged.


Ostmilch Handels GmbH in Berlin owned a 40% share of Uckermärker Milch GmbH before becoming the sole owner from 1 March 2020. Ostmilch is today one of Germany’s leading trading companies for dairy products.

With this pooled competencies in sales, production and logistics, the group is a key supplier of the European food retail sector. It also serves industry companies on European and global markets.



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